Weapons are items usable in the game Guncraft. Primary, Secondary and Melee are all seperate categories in the Class Editor and only one can be selected from each category for a class at one time.


Primary WeaponsEdit

These weapons are fired using left-click and are aimed downsight with right-click.

Assault Rifle 32/192 This all-round weapon makes a great beginner choice.
Submachine Gun 54/324 This weapon has the highest damage per second, assuming you can hit with every shot.
Shotgun 6/36 Classic shotgun. Get close and blast the enemy apart.
Light Machine Gun 42/210 Sacrifice accuracy and iron sight visibility for higher damage and a bigger clip than the AR.
Sniper Rifle 1/11

Aim for the head and the bullet will do the rest. Be sure to zoom in though, this weapon has no accuracy otherwise.

Bonus Included WeaponsEdit

Theese weapons are included with the game, but are not like the defualt due to them being made in gunsmithing by the devs and were bonus weapons before the release of the game

Blunderbuss: Pirate style shotgun. Its basicly the standed shotgun but less shells loaded at once (2 compared to 6) and higher firerate

Mermaid: Like the blunderbuss, but better accuracy.

BFG: A big gun that destroys blocks fast and hurts but has slow fire speed and poor accuracy (Reference to doom maybe but possibly not since the trading card says Big Furturisic Gun)

Grasshopper: A weapon from men in black. Has only one shot in the clip. Hit the target is the only answer.(and no it doesnt knock you back)

Eagle Eye: A semi auto sniper rifle in the form of eagle. Has eight shots no zoom and good accuracy.

Sparkler: Shoots 2 explosive blocks with do big damage. Good for taking down tanks and other vehicles.

Destructoid Key WeaponsEdit

Theese weapons were obtain by getting a key from the destructoid website by putting in your email.  However, this was a special promotion with limited numbers of keys available.  As such, the following weapons are no longer available for unlocking.

Minigun: Its basically a minigun, Fires fast, moderate accuracy and big clip

Cat gun: Its a cat. No accuracy and fires a bunch of high explosives and blows every to smithereens

Secondary WeaponsEdit

These weapons are fired with left-click and aimed downsight with right-click, apart from the Hook Shot which has no sights. To cycle between Primary and Secondary press Q.

Blockbuster 4/24 Blows big holes in walls. What more could you ask for?
Pistol 9/36 The only damaging secondary weapon. Good in a sticky situation.
Hook Shot Infinite uses Traversal tool used to get to high places quickly.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee weapons can be used to attack by pressing F and are also used in build mode to construct and destroy. To enter build mode press B.

Pick Axe All-around tool. Can kill just as well as it can build, average.
Drill Destroy blocks quickly, but is not recommended for melee use.
Sword Can't build prefabs with this, but will kill enemies in one shot.
Hammer Build prefabs faster than other tools, but is not recommended for melee use.

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