Guncraft allows players to create their own custom skins that can be used ingame. The game comes with a few default skins and more can be unlocked by completing achievements, downloading from the workshop or entering codes.

Completing Achievements: Edit

Guncraft has 81 achievements of which some unlock skins that can be used.

  • Destroyer of Worlds - Cthulhu
  • Bob the Blocker - Bob the Blocker
  • Aimbot HAX!! - Gamer Athlete
  • Master Gimp - Skivvies
  • Crafticide - Craftbo
  • Fort Blox - Billionaire
  • Blockathon - Zman
  • The Judge - The Judge
  • Walking Tank - JuggerBlock
  • Ultimate Survivor - Lava Elemental
  • Seasoned Builder - Knight
  • Rock’em Sock’em - Block’em Sock’em
  • Pacifist - Monk

Workshop: Edit

Guncraft uses steam workshop to share user created content between players. This includes skins, prefabs, guns, melee weapons and maps. Currently there are over 4000 available items on Guncraft's workshop. All you need to do is click the subscribe button and wait for your item to be downloaded.

Entering Codes: Edit

Before guncraft released a lot of codes were given away through various giveaways. Some keys are still obtainable though other are not. To enter a code select "Enter Code" on Guncraft's Main Menu.

To equip a skin Select "Edit Character and Classes" from the main menu. When you edit a class you can select which skin to use with that class.