What are the minimum requirementsEdit

Guncraft requires a DirectX 10 compatible card.

Can you make a version that supports DirectX 9?Edit

Given more time and resources its possible. But for our initial release we are targetting the XNAHiDef profile The Steam Survey suggests that this should affect about 6% of gamers. We keep an eye on the forums and we track graphics cards that can't run so we may in the future change this plan. But for now, with our apologies, its not possible.

How can I tell what I have?Edit

  1. Follow this tutorial from the Intel site
  2. Run the checker from our forums

What cards are known to work?Edit

  1. Intel(R) HD Graphics - though many people had to upgrade the driver and one guy had to manually install the driver after intel said it was up to date

What cards are known to fail?Edit

Ati Radeon x300