The Map Selection Screen

Guncraft currently has 71 Official maps with many more available through workshop. Famous guncraft maps include 2fort from Team Fortress 2, Block Gulch from Halo and Empire Strikes from Star Wars. New maps are constantly added and block packs are released to make your own custom maps.

Worskhop: Edit

Guncraft uses steam workshop to share user created content between players. This includes skins, prefabs, guns, melee weapons and maps. Currently there are over 4000 available items on Guncraft's workshop. All you need to do is click the subscribe button and wait for your item to be downloaded.

Building a map: Edit

Guncraft comes with a map editor where you can design and build your own maps. It even has a multiplayer version where your friends can join you and you can create your map. To build your own map click on foundry and then level editor. If you want to build with friends you must host a server on free build gametype.(Note: To avoid people destroying your map put a password on).

Block Packs: Edit

Block Packs are released by Exato Game Studios to give the players more options to build maps than is currently possible. Currently there are 4 available block packs:

  • Under The Sea Block Pack ($1.99)
  • Deep Cave Block Pack ($1.99)
  • Wild West Block Pack ($1.99)
  • Holiday Block Pack ($0.99)