Kill Streaks are rewards available in the game Guncraft. A kill streak is built up by killing enemies in a single life. After obtaining the required number of kills, the selected kill streaks become available.

Using streaks in-gameEdit

To select kill streaks, choose them in the Class Editor. A maximum of three streaks may be selected and only one may be selected per number of kills. To use the streaks in-game, there are three boxes on the right of the HUD. Pressing 1, 2 or 3 will activate the streak in order from bottom to top of the streak box.

In Onslaught Game Mode, money must be consumed in order to activate a kill streak.

Kill StreaksEdit

Predator Mode 2 Allows you to see enemy locations through walls. Also, hides your character from the minimap until you fire.
Manned Turret 3 Creates a stationary mountable turret with unlimited ammo.
Radar Jammer 3 The enemy radar is covered with static.
Bunker Buster 3 Air to ground missile that digs into a building before blowing up.
Armor Pack 4 Gives an armor value above HP that doesn't regenerate.
Passenger Bike 4 Hoverbike that forgoes built in weaponry for an extra passenger seat that can even accomodate Flag Carriers.
Javelin Missile Launcher 4 A homing missile that tracks down vehicles and jetpack users, and does massive damage.
Jetpack 4 A toggleable flight that replaces jump. Your weapons are still active, and you can stay in the air as long as you have fuel.
AI SAM Site 5 Automatic anti-air missile launcher.
Pandora's Box 5 Random perk, or maybe it'll just blow up.
Helicopter 5 Creates a pilotable helicopter armed with a chaingun and dual Blockbuster rocket launchers.
Attack Bike 6 Geared for battle, this bike is nimble and can bring down the heat with its powerful machine gun.
AI Stationary Turret 7 Automatic anti-ground gun turret.
Tank 9 Bring this monster to the battlefield and be feared by all. This beast can dish out huge amounts of destruction before blowing up.
Hover Drone 9 Controllable drone that hovers above the ground and has a highly accurate, rapid fire machine gun.
Megablox Suit 10 Massively armored suit that mitigates damage and has high armor, but disables sprinting and reduces jump height.
AC 1337 12 Temporarily pilot a heavily armored aircraft, that circles the map, with three extremely powerful primary weapons.

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