Gunsmithing is a unique mechanic of Guncraft which allows the player to create their own guns. "Meleesmithing" refers to the same mechanic but focuses on the creation of melee weapons instead.

Stat ArchetypesEdit

The following archetypes for stats are:

Assault Rifle: All around weapons with decent stats.
Submachine Gun: Automatic fast firing weapons.
Sniper Rifle: Powerful long range weapons that require use of a scope to be accurate.
Shotgun: Close range weapons with large spread.
Explosive: Weapons which fire a projectile that explodes on contact with an object.
Melee: Close range weapons that hit the enemy by hitting them with them. Can also build and destroy blocks.

Approval ProgressEdit

Before a weapon can be used, it must go through a progress of approval. This is to prevent usage of copyrighted, offensive, inappropriate or excessively large weapons. Once a gun has 15 votes, if the majority are positive, the gun will be approved for use.