The following is a current listing of staff working on Guncraft or are otherwise associated with Exato Game Studios as well as their ranks. The higher up the list they are, the higher their position is in the overall hierarchy. In the event that you need to contact a member of staff, please follow this hierarchy or you may be ignored. If you need to complain about a member of staff, contact the next person up.

DarkNuke Co-Owner A.k.a. The Boss. Responsible for deciding the direction the game and company goes in.
EGSRantis Co-Owner Focuses mainly on the financial aspects of the company.
TheZMan Lead Programmer
kgamble Programmer
Spaul2 Artist
LadyAijou Reverb Staff Exato's contact to Guncraft's distributors. Has no direct influence on the game's code.
Rav3n Community Manager Leads the Moderator team and is partially responsible for Guncraft's PR presence.
Thorsin Assistant Community Manager 2nd in charge of the community side, has similar duties to Rav3n.
HibernateZ Moderator First point of contact for users, oversees the forums, IRC and Steam.
Merlock Moderator As above

The above listings will be updated as needed by Thorsin or higher. If this page has been edited by anyone not listed on this page, check the edit history to see the true list.