Consumables are equipment available in the game Guncraft. These are items that aid the player whilst in-game. Only one consumable may be selected for either slot 1 or 2 at a time and are activated by G and V, respectively. They can be changed via the Class Editor.

List of ConsumablesEdit

Consumables 1Edit

Medkit 1 Instantly heals player
Frag Grenade 5 Timed grenade will blow up after 5 seconds. (Hold the button to prime the grenade
C4 5 Throw this, then press the button again to manually detonate. This bomb has the biggest explosive radius.
Bouncing Betty 5 Proximity mine that shoots itself into the air and explodes, when triggered.
Sticky Grenade 5 Timed grenade sticks to whatever it hits, including people and vehicles. Can't be primed.

Consumables 2Edit

Gunk Grenade 5 Obscures your target's screen with glue, making it more difficult for them to aim.
Glue Grenade 5 Slows your targets down, making them, more or less, sitting ducks.

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