Guncraft has the option to create clans ingame. For you to create a clan you must go into Online Multiplayer and press the bar on the right, then select friends/clan. Click on the bar again and select clan. Here you can create, join and invite members to your clan. You can also promote or demote your clan members or change the clan's tag.All your clan members start out as private until you promote them.

Currently there are 3 clans in Guncraft that are actively recruiting.

Project Freelancer:

Created by Zusheqiel, this clan actively searches with for players with unique and promising skill. They borrowed their name from the Halo machinima "Project Freelancer." Ingame tag-(FREE)

Clan Of Bacon:

Created by turbozack, this clan loves bacon. Turbo is currently looking for new players with skill. Ingame tag-(BCON)

Infinite Donuts:

Created by LiFeWaRiOr, this clan is invite only and individual tryouts must be done to join this clan. . Ingame tag- (ID)


This clan is a French only clan, meaning people outside France cannot join it. GGF is known for their excellent snipers and quick thinking SMGs.